Plugin and Implementation Developers

Plugin Developers

Plugin developers may be interested in the API additions made by Paper to Spigot-API, and the Bukkit platform. They include:

  • Player Affects Spawning API
    • Control whether the player will cause mobs to spawn
  • TNT Source Location
    • Get the original source location of TNT and FallingBlock entities
  • PlayerLocaleChangeEvent
    • An event that fires when a player changes their locale
  • EntityPathfindEvent
    • Fires when an Entity decides to start moving to a location.
    • This is not the same as a move event. This only fires when an entity chooses to start moving to a location, and allows cancelling that pathfind.
  • EntityAddToWorldEvent / EntityRemoveFromWorldEvent
    • Called when entities are added or removed from the world. Not to be confused with Spawn events. This fires on chunk load/unload.
  • Player View Distance API
    • Dynamically set the server view distance, per-player
  • BeaconEffectEvent
    • An event that fires when a player is affected by a Beacon's radius effect
  • Get TPS API
    • An API to return the server's TPS, no more ugly reflection

JavaDocs for the above features can be downloaded automatically via maven, or browsed online from here.

To build against Paper-API, you need to add our maven repository to your plugin's POM:


and then add it to your dependencies:


Gradle users should use the same information, formatted in their own special gradle-y way.

Timings v2

Timings v2 supports a new API for plugin developers to properly add their own Timings to the v2 data export.


try (Timing timed = Timings.ofStart(plugin, "My Timed Section")) {
    // code

Because Paper requires Java 8, you can safely use try-with-resources style blocks! Every thing in that section of the try block will be timed under "Your Plugin :: My Timed Section"

Implementation Developers

All of Paper's code is public. We welcome discussion and contribution. You can find all of our code here on GitHub, and are welcome to talk with us here. We're around fairly often, feel free to come talk. Development documentation is available from within the file located in the project's root.

Paper boasts a much less political process for Pull Requests, and open to reasonable improvements that do not break things for people.